Thursday, 28 May 2009

A "Sundae" of its kind!

Lake Como, Italy 5.12PM, 24-05-2009 :
After doing a mind blowing boat criuse in lake Como,we were returning back to station to catch our train to Milan.It was too hot(23).I wanted to have my favourite orange bar but we couldnt find anywhere.So finally we(Yash and me) stopped at a shop to take "Sundae".In Italy we really faced language problem. People didnt understand English at all.Literally we used sign language to make them aware of what we want.
After struggling finally we could make the shopkeeper understand that we want normal icecream small with choclate sauce, nuts and crunhes on it.

From a vending machine white colour stuff came out. We assumed it to be vanilla icecream.Then the shopkeeper poured some choclates sauce,nuts, crunches and choco chips. Meanwhile we were busy patting at our back that we got the right thing.

Yash asked me to start first. Thinking it to be vanilla icecream, I had the first spoon.The taste was pathetic.I could get the tangy and very different taste.I started making faces.As soon as Yash saw my disgusting facial expression he burst on me.Dont be so fussy one should eat whatever u get..His non stop lecture was on.
Very softly I said Yash why dont you try once.He had. Even he found something is wrong.Then we realised its yoghurt and not icecream.The shop was of flavoured yoghurts..I galloped 1-2 spoons but Yash liked it.

From this incident i learnt 2 things:
1) Husbands with no reasons yell on their wives.
2)Make sure what you are buying.


  1. Not sure about the 1st learning but I will keep this in mind and will try not to yell at my wife with no reasons.

    2nd holds true everywhere. Good that you learnt it after tasting just one spoon of sundae... err... flavoured yoghurt :)

    So that was after all an Italian Mishti Doi shop :D. Yash liked it because it would have reminded him of Calcutta :)

  2. good that u learnt not to yell on wife ..make sure u dont 4rget this once u r married...
    Yoghurt with choc sauce,nuts..yuck taste..
    Yash was forced to ve so that i wont scream back...

  3. You have been tagged and awarded!